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Dolf Dietrich & Cody Winter
Dolf Dietrich is a bearded pig. Hairy, grim looking out and a muscular tattooed body which just bursts with vitality and joy. No wonder that the blonde 20something Cody is consumed by lust as he gets pushed by the mighty Dolf onto his cock. Cody swallows the cock so deep, that the young pretty pig is choking on it. Dolf keeps pushing Cody's face deeper on his cock. The blond boy is trying not to suffocate. But everything that does not kill you, only makes you harder and so Cody keeps deepthroating. Dolf shoots him a bolt of spit in the mouth that runs in thick strands from the face. Cody has no time to take a breath, because now he must lick the boots of his master. His pink tongue drools over the black leather and the smell rising into his nostrils ignites even more desire in him. There is nothing more than just the nude and animal lust. He stretches his perfect hairless ass into the air and Dolf attacks the vibrant pig tail on the willing asshole immediately. He hammers away on his juicy meaty ass. But pure fucking is not enough for the fuck pig and so he opens Cody rosette with his hand, pushing deep into the ever-widening cunt. After this session, Cody will be never again as he once was.CLICK HERE

AJ Alexander & Ben Berlin
Short haired slut AJ Alexander loves his Air Max, but even more he loves hottest spot in Berlin to lure tourists to its roof, high above the city where he can make them his sneaker slaves. His latest conquest is the German Ben Berlin, who looks like an innocent, but is all about the cock. Ben is on his knees, soaking in the leather scent of AJ's sneakers - sniffing in lust heaven. The tattooed German deepthroats the fat cock of AJ, which leaves him hardly able to breathe, he grabs his head and brutally greedy pulls him closer. He watches with pleasure how Ben licks and sucks. Ben's ass glows and wants only one thing: to be fucked. On the couch he is jacked up by AJ - his juicy ass in the sun shines. His pink pussy is licked by AJ til it is soft. But Ben is crying out for more. Much more. Finally, AJ has mercy on him, shoves his cum stud in the ass and fucks the hell out of him. Finally, he sprayed his cream all over Ben who has thus qualified as a new peak pleasure slave.CLICK HERE

Macanao Torres & Rick Lous
Horny Macanao Torres is waiting for the subway when Rick Lous runs into him. Rick is a pig exactly to his liking. He drags him down into the subway station the stairs, getting him on all fours and presenting his sneakers for sniffing by his bearded face. Rick can not get enough of the smell of sweaty leather. With every breath Rick's desire to submit to Macanao increases. Watching the horny pig is too much for the Spanish macho. Now he must be fucked on the tracks where everyone can see the naughty goings-on. Macanao juices up Rick asshole widening up for the smacking that is to follow. For a few short hard blast, he hammers the whimpering guy until a passer-by threatens to call the police and the two pigs must flee. Macanao finally delivers his sauce in the face of Rick in the forest.CLICK HERE

Alberto Esposito & Samir Landser
Alberto is too boring for the ultimate horny pig to fuck in bed. He drags the German pig in-training outside and shoves his Spanish glory cock into his mouth. Bearded Samir deepthroats his fleshy beast. Finally, muscle pig Alberto goes to show how cock swallow Samir as he drops to his knees. He swallows so deep - spit threads drip from his face. So fueled, Alberto has the fuck lust in his eyes. He licks the pussy and pushes him harshly in his cock between the ass cheeks. Samir is a skilled young pussy and his ass can withstand a lot. The German presses his pelvis against Alberto spanking him as his cock goes even deeper in the ass. Alberto now turns the tables climb on top of the German. Samir in on his knees as Alberto's cum shot hits him in the middle of the face and then he pisses on him for a sensational conclusion.CLICK HERE


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